Cecelia Bedford Productions provides complete photographic and video production services for Local, Interstate and International – photographers, directors, ad agencies and direct clients.

Pre Production, On Site Production and Post Production

The Management of every aspect of shoot production and coordination from beginning to end and anything in between. Delivering professional and stress free productions to clients within budget and time frame to achieve superior end results.

  • Casting and Talent negotiations
  • Photographer selection/Art Buying
  • Quoting
  • Location scouting and management
  • Permits, Traffic control
  • Production logistics and management
  • Crew selection and co-ordination
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Lighting and equipment
  • Props, Wardrobe, Stylists
  • Model and Prop Making
  • Set Design
  • Animal Handlers
  • Child employment permits and supervisors
  • Location Vehicles, Cars and Car transport
  • Catering
  • Studios
  • Weather FX
  • Re-Touching